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What is a Project?


社会に対する問題意識や、純粋な好奇心 ――動機はそれぞれですが、始まりはいつもメンバーそれぞれの「やりたい」です。そうして誰かが手を挙げれば、「いいね、やろう」と人が集まり、チームが走り出す。Bizjapanのプロジェクトは、こうして生まれていきます。

「プロジェクト」の形は様々です。外部に向けてワークショップを開くもの、企業と協力してイベントをホストするもの、たくさんの人を巻き込んでスタディーツアーを実施するもの、勉強会を実施するものまで。各プロジェクトは「何をするか」で動くのではありません。メンバーそれぞれが考える「どんな社会を実現したいか」という想いを核として、 「ではどうするか」の最適解を自分たちで考えながらプロジェクトとして実行しています。

Projects in 2018


Creating a place where one considershow to engage with art.

Chadō ~The Way of Life~

Disseminating and consequently popularizing chadō with the aim of deepening the global understanding of Japanese culture.

Hassyadai College

Supporting students from all over Japan to make life choices by themselves with the help of university students.

Japan Trip

Supplying one-minute lecture videos for Japanese learners.

Neoriders Project

Holding events and providing information about motorcycles to increase the number of young people who have motorcycle licences.


Promoting exchange in terms of human resources between Japan and China by connecting Japanese university students and Chinese companies.


Raising human resources that could cause innovation through teaching data science.

Zero-ichi Senior

Collaborate with active students and seniors, and make it happen.

M x Space

Holding space medicine study tours during long holidays in spring and summer In order to realize 'The world guaranteed quality of space life (QOSL)'.


Making pizza more familiar. Making the act of cooking pizza as a platform where everyone can enjoy.

Spark Africa

Providing insight into Sub-Saharan Africa’s startups and tech scenes.


Engaging on social issues of Japanese countryside with “regional revitalization×international students” as a key concept.

Career Design Studio

Supporting international students and other people from abroad to work in Japan.

Jump Japan

Providing the real information about studying and working in Japan with students abroad.

Past Projects


HPAIR was founded to create a forum of exchange for young leaders to discuss and learn about important issues facing the Asia-Pacific region. Bizjapan has been partnering with HPAIR since 2013.

Meets Art Project

This project offers students an opportunity to create artworks by themselves. Through this experience, students will be able to view Contemporary Art as one of the tools for communicating their thoughts.

Y7 Summit Japan 2016

Based on the philosophy of “Reflecting youth's opinions in a changing world”, people under 30 years old suggested alternative policies to G7 leaders prior to Ise-Shima G7 summit.

UK-Japan Student Conference

To build a hub for liberal academic discussion amongst youth in the UK and Japan where they can exchange ideas, broaden their vision, and establish long-lasting friendships.

We can blow our mind away! in Okinawa

Providing opportunities for teenagers who live in local areas to broaden their horizons about their career options through lectures of experiences and interactions with Bizjapan members.

Zero-ichi joshi project

Helping young Japanese women to be able to make proactive and subjective selections of their life and career in any circumstances and making great success in their future.

TriHack Hackathon

This program was a competition for qualifying students who will participate as delegates from Japan in a Silicon Valley tour held by Stanford University’s student society ASES.

We can blow our mind away! in Takayama

Allowing local students in a rural area (Takayama, Gifu Prefecture) to find seniors who can become their role model and to find the potential within themselves.

Asian Leadership Network

Improving mutual understanding between Japanese, Korean and Chinese students and of the neighbouring countries participated by students from the three countries.

Bizjapan Summit

Letting international students know about Japan's entrepreneurship and at the same time providing an opportuniry for Japanese students to interact with top-notch students from abroad.


Making Japanese student entrepreneurs get first-hand experience at Silicon Valley, and provide them the experience and opportunity that helps them realize their business plans.

Bizjapan Change Makers Program

Taking the first step to be a change maker by learning steps of entrepreneurship. This is done through a 7 days program with its technolocal themes.

Younger's Bridge

New Bizjapan members visited partner organisation abroad to build up good relationship and get an opportunity to broaden their horizons by interacting with intenational students and visiting local companies.

Oculus-Project (SV-SEC 2015)

Increasing the number of developers in the field of HMD such as OculusDK2, and allowing students to create interesting VR contents with their flexible imagination.