Bizjapan is a non-profit organization which mainly consists of students from the University of Tokyo, Keio University, Waseda University, and International Christian University.

Based on their self-interests and ambitions, each member launches and drives projects with the core principles of “global” (thinking outside the box) and “entrepreneurship” (finding a brand-new solution to a problem and putting it into action) in mind.

Instead of having a generic vision, every project in Bizjapan has a goal of its own.

Nevertheless, we have a common principle, “Start with impulse, Finish with impact.”

Members with such concept take action and change the world through ways unique to them. Bizjapan works as a platform for supporting such processes.

We conduct projects based on each member’s unique interest while bearing in mind the core principles of “global” ( thinking outside the box) and “entrepreneurship” ( finding a brand-new solution to a problem).

Many of our projects are different from each other; from helping international students to do job hunting, popularizing space medicine, to conducting research and development of pizza ovens.

The most fascinating thing about Bizjapan is its people. Every single member is bright, passionate, and diverse.

Each of us has completely different backgrounds, interests, and values. Thus, it seems as if we would instantly break apart, but in reality, we are united as a single organization. In that sense, Bizjapan is like an inflated balloon, an organization full of energy.

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