About Us

Bizjapan is a platform where a wide variety of people gather with a global perspective and entrepreneurship, and a wide variety of projects are running. Bizjapan was founded in 2011 and became an NPO in 2017. We have successfully completed 55 projects so far.

Currently, 30 members from about 10 countries, mainly students from the University of Tokyo, Waseda University, and Keio University, and especially this year, under the slogan “Because we love it.” Ten projects are in progress, from supporting studying abroad, local revitalization, data science, art, to African startups and space medicine.

Bizjapan is an NPO where students beyond the difference of gender, nationality, university, and interest come together. Here, you can pursue a project of your own, with the belief in yourself and your critical eye.

Our Values


“Global” as Bizjapan puts it is NOT just an “interaction with international students.” It also means crossing over the numerous boundaries — boundaries of countries, fields, age, gender, universities, culture, and so on. Here we assemble, surpassing all those unnecessary boundaries. By getting over them, we co-create and make an impact on the world.


“Entrepreneurship” as Bizjapan puts it is NOT “the act of setting up a business.” We consider it as a mentality where passion and novelty meets, and it rests in the mind of those who wish to make an impact on the world. Sympathy from others, social significance, sustainable model, recirculation of resources — everything starts from here.

Project Platform


Aiming for regional revitalization in Japan by resolving regional isses with international students from both local and global perspectives.

Wardrobe E

Finding and creating a new purpose for unwanted clothing. Promoting and providing a platform for unsustainable fashion by introducing "wardrobe exchange".


Doing research to find an effevtive means of tokens for realizing ideal communities and their implementation.


Our activities are supported by the following companies and groups.


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