Start with impulse, Finish with impact.


Bizjapan is a platform for people and projects based on a core principle of global vision and entrepreneurship.

Since being established in 2011 and gaining NPO status in 2017, Bizjapan has held more than 50 events and programs. Currently, Bizjapan is composed of 30 core members from more than 10 different countries, with 10 projects in progress; with projects ranging from those that connect international students with career opportunities to those that focus on local region revitalization, and topics covering a wide variety of subjects from data science to art, start-ups in Africa to space medicine.

Our Projects

How we run

Bizjapan is not an organization that commandeers projects. Each project arises not from the organization per se, but from each individual member. A will to transform society, or pure curiosity will drive a member to realize his desire, his vision. And when a member shares his vision, Bizjapan provides the platform for people to gather and a team to be built, allowing a Bizjapan project to be born.


Why Global?

Bizjapan defines “Global” not from a typical international exchange approach, but as an interdisciplinary, cross-border approach to problems affecting diverse topics that span countries, academic fields, age, gender, university, and culture. Bizjapan serves as a platform that attracts people regardless of these boundaries, creating connections across them, allowing us to transcend such boundaries to impact society.


Why Entrepreneurship?

Bizjapan defines “Entrepreneurship” as a spirit of passion and innovation – not simply entrepreneurial spirit. Bizjapan was founded on the principle that such people will become the basis for societal impact. Entrepreneurship opens the door to an empathy of the surroundings, social significance, continuous model, circulation of resources and a final impact on society.


Why Platform?

Bizjapan’s platform is not a transient locale but a place for a member’s character to be illuminated, tested and transformed. It is the network of each Bizjapan member, and the resulting chances that flow through that provides such opportunities.


Our Idea


A platform on which Passion gathers with enthusiasm

Create new value to society through the planning and management of projects with two perspectives,Entrepreneurship and Global

3Ins to be an Entrepreneur we define

・Initiate- from 0 to make 1

・Involve- involve and be involved

・Influence- have an impact on society