Bizjapan is a platform consisting of various persons and projects with global mindsets and entrepreneurship as its core principle.

Established in 2011 and qualified as an NPO in 2017, we have successfully held 55 events and programs so far. Currently, our 30 members are mainly UTokyo, Keio U, Waseda U, and ICU students from approximately 10 countries. Together these students engage in around 10 projects, in which the themes vary from study abroad support, regional revitalization, data science, art, African startups to space medicine.

As one entity, we do not engage in only one project. Every member has an opportunity to start and manage projects they want.

Each individual has their own motivation, curiosity, or stand towards a specific social problem. A project always starts with someone saying “I want to do this.” Other motivated members will join and form a group. This is how projects in Bizjapan initiates.

“Global” as Bizjapan puts it is NOT just an “interaction with international students.” It also means crossing over the numerous boundaries — boundaries of countries, fields, age, gender, universities, culture, and so on. Here we assemble, surpassing all those unnecessary boundaries. By getting over them, we co-create and make an impact on the world.

“Entrepreneurship” as Bizjapan puts it is NOT “the act of setting up a business.” We consider it as a mentality where passion and novelty meets, and it rests in the mind of those who wish to make an impact on the world. Sympathy from others, social significance, sustainable model, recirculation of resources — everything starts from here.

“Platform” as Bizjapan puts it is NOT merely a “checkpoint.” Within Bizjapan, members receive many unique ideas which make each of them a whole new person. What accelerates this process is the network that each member brings in, and also the chances that consequently flow in, as well as the know-how built up through those chances.