Young Entrepreneurs Incubation Oculus Project


【Our Mission】

Our mission is to increase the number of engineers who will be in greater demand in the near future and software developers in the field of Head Mounted Display (HMD). We recruited creative young engineers and offered them not only a great opportunity to produce astonishing products of Virtual Reality but also encouraged them to start their own business. Also, we named the project Oculus Project, for oculus is the most recognized device among HMD.

【About Oculus Project】

We held workshops about Unity, which is a powerful engine that empowers its owners to create interactive entertainment or multimedia experience with a variety of tools that can be utilized to meet owners’ specific needs. This is because we believe that Virtual Reality Service will contribute to society in various ways. Moreover, we held a HMD software development competition for two months.

【What can you do with Oculus?】

Oculus offers you fantastic virtual experiences which will definitely entertain you. For example, fully-immersive video gaming and videophone, virtual test ride, virtual trip and so on. Furthermore, in the last couple of years virtual reality exposure therapy has been introduced to the field of exposure based therapy. By helping patients to better re-experience and then re-process the traumatic event, virtual reality (VR) has been improving their healing process.


Dec 14 workshops of Head Mounted display Virtual Reality (gathered 30 participants)
Jan 12 ideathon and lectures “How to use Unity?” (gathered 25 participants)
Jan 18 ideathon and lectures “How to use Unity? Vol.2” (gathered 16 participants)
Jan 24 deadline of early application to HMD software development competition
Feb 8 workshops and lectures of HMD, teambuilding
Feb 14 deadline of regular application to HMD software development competition
Feb 22 interim report (gathered 15 participants)
Mar 14 interim repot vol.2 and workshop about DeepLearning (gathered 15 participants)
Apr 5 Competition (gathered 3 teams, at University of Tokyo)


We sent top 5 engineers in the HMDVR competition to Silicon Valley. Our goal was to produce talented individuals and entrepreneurs like startup members of Co., whom we sent to SV in 2012. In order to achieve our goal, we held panel discussions and visited venture capitals in Silicon Valley. Furthermore, we interacted with local Japanese entrepreneurs.

【technological cooperation】

Dverse. Inc

sponsored by
Unity Technologies Japan Co.