Komaba Festival



Bizjapan organized an event at Komaba Festival, the school festival of the University of Tokyo, for the first time. Its theme was “communication”. We divided the concept “communication” into 3 steps, “Learn how to express”, “Know yourself deeply” and “Express yourself to others”. We introduced a professional guest speaker on each day, and they made a sophisticated speech to participants.




The University of Tokyo
Komaba Campus


11/22 Step1 〜Learn How to Express〜
“All answers exist in the Laugh.”
The most popular lecture for students at the University of Tokyo

Makoto Nakayama (WMcommons)
Makoto Nakahara (WMcommons)

11/23 Step2 〜Know Yourself Deeply〜
“Do you know what your friends or your partners really think?”
Technique of interview to understand human heart

Taiki Kitajima (Leaning Initiative, Inc.)
Takamitsu Asano (Learning Initiative, Inc.)

11/24 Step3 〜Express yourself to others〜
“Make the person absorbed in a minute.”
Introduction of yourself to pass the hard job interview

Tomoyuki Uemura (Alto, Inc.)

【Backup Supporters】

INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub Project


Step1 〜Learn How to Express〜
On the first day, the lecture “Learn how to express” was taken place. The guest speakers are Makoto Nakayama and Makoto Nakahara, who founded WMcommons, Inc. in 2003 and host a seminar regarding the communication by making use of comedy technique. They suggested “Smile 5”, which is the new concept that is necessary to communicate with others, and explained what the concept is and how to apply the concept to daily lives.

Step2 〜Know Yourself Deeply〜
On the second day, the lecture “Know Yourself Deeply” was taken place. The guest speakers are Taiki Kitajima, who is CEO of Learning Initiative, Inc., Takamitsu Asano, who is the director of Learning Initiative, Inc. They provide the model that makes the process of learning visible and support the development of specific learning. They conveyed how to pull the real thought from the opponent with the visualized slides and videos. They taught us that to understand the mind of others and the movement of your mind you cannot notice is important in order to understand your mind in a real sense.

Step3 〜Express yourself to others〜
On the third day, the lecture “Express yourself to others” is taken place. The guest speaker is Tomoyuki Uemura, who resigned from Dentsu, biggest accounting firm in Japan, and founded Alto, Inc. He taught us the tips regarding how to introduce you for job hunting. Participants looked for the clues to expressing yourself effectively in the event. The point was that you should appeal not only why you would like to work for the company but also how you can change and contribute to the company. The content was so practical and seemed to be so meaningful for every participant.