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The Third President, Toshiki TokueThe Second President, Akio NakamuraThe First President, Sho Hayashi
The Third President
Waseda University
Toshiki Tokue
Make a Change maker, Be a Change maker.

Since its establishment, Bizjapan has been with the main theme of “Global” and “Entrepreneurship”.

4 years have passed since Bizjapan started, and we feel the necessity to rethink the purpose of the group’s existence.
This is because, contrary to the foundation period, current members can aimlessly follow precedent events and concepts.
We think, such a behavior as a group is meaningless.

The solution we attained, is as follows.
OUR MISSION: Produce entrepreneurial challengers, and we ourselves make the world more exciting as one of those challengers.

We put such heart and soul to the word: “Make a Change maker, Be a Changemaker”.

Even while I am writing this passage, Bizjapan is in the midst of planning “Bizjapan Summit”, an one week entrepreneurship program which invites many students to Japan, and also “Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Tour”, composed of a series of pitches performed by a Japanese top class engineer team towards venture capitalists.

In order to realize this mission, I strongly believe Bizjapan will continue challenging without sticking to the precedent cases.

With the original interpretation of entrepreneurship since our foundation: “Challenge something by yourself, even though no one ever has” in our heart, Bizjapan will powerfully make another breakthrough this year.

April, 2015 Bizjapan President Toshiki Tokue

The Second President
The Second year of The University of Tokyo Human Sciences Ⅰ
Akio Nakamura
Make Bizjapan a durable and continuous group
Welcome to our website! I became president of Bizjapan, after our founder, Sho Hayashi. Bizjapan is a group established in 2011, keenly realizing the need to convey growing parts of Japan to the world. Currently Japan faces upon many social hardships; depression, aging, nuclear power problems, and so on. However, there exists many people who get interested in Japan in the world. The essential problem is that there doesn’t exist enough opportunities for them to “get in touch with” Japan. With this situation continuing, they might end up loosing their interest in Japan, or Japan would not be able to acquire more interest. We, Bizjapan provide “meets” in which fascinating and mesmerizing parts of Japan can be conveyed to the world, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship. We organize events (such as the Bizjapan Summit) and encouraging Japanese students to participate in overseas programs. I joined Bizjapan in May 2013. My first motive was rather small; I simply wanted to do something international after entering university. However, through my one year experience in this group I became aware of the problem Bizjapan is facing. Getting in touch with many brilliant students from all over the world, I realized that there are many students who “know about Japan” or “are interested in Japan”, whereas currently Japan hasn’t been able to respond to their motivation. On the other hand, students from China, India, Singapore, …etc. are present in every famous universities and colleges in the world, and playing an important role in international networks. I would like to “make Bizjapan a durable and continuous group” . I would like to keep 3 points in my heart in operating Bizjapan. Firstly, create and operate many events, since events are the main means of our approach to our goal. Secondly, expand our domestic/international networks, thereby enhancing our conveyance. Finally, have our members, full of entrepreneurship and pioneer spirit make a challenge. Through this I would like to make Bizjapan a group which not only holds up “entrepreneurship” as a keyword, but also a group which can be regarded as a mass of entrepreneurship itself. Bizjapan will never stop growing!! We appreciate your kind support!

April, 2014 Bizjapan President Akio Nakamura

The First President
The Second year of The Graduate School of Public Policy The University of Tokyo CAMPUS Asia Program
Sho Hayashi
Coming soon!

October, 2014