Bizjapan summit2014

Every year we conduct our activities based on our theme of “entrepreneurship;” we visited several Japanese start-up companies, conducted workshops with rising entrepreneurs, and more. At the end of our Summit last year, we went to Onagawa, Miyagi as a part of our “Touhoku Program,” in which we came in direct contact with the spirit of the local people who struggled not only to rebuild their lives, but also to create a future. The Summit also had sightseeing in Tokyo, enjoying Japanese culture through the koto and shakuhachi, and practicing Judo and playing the shamisen. Through Bizjapan Summit, we found “hot Japan” from many perspectives.

【Bizjapan Summit 2014 Summary】
We conducted this project again this year to realize Bizjapan’s mission of transmitting Japan’s innate possibilities to the world. We visited places that would rouse participant’s entrepreneurial passion, but also embarked on the new venture of actually going to Tohoku region in preparation for the contest, and seeing the afflicted areas with our own eyes.
The students who participated had a passion and drive much missed in Japan. We ourselves were stimulated by their active participation in workshops and contests. Survey results tell us that most of them were satisfied with the summit too.
However, we feel that we gained something that goes beyond simply engendering entrepreneurship and transmitting Japan’s positive aspects to the world. The value of an event is decided by the words that participants impart to us.
“It was an unforgettable 7 days”
“I met wonderful friends of a sort I’d never met before”
“Thank you for your warm welcome”
From these words, for which we are unequivocally thankful, we believe we were able to end this project in the best

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