Bizjapan Community

〜What is Bizjapan Community〜
Bizjapan is community of people from Japan and all over the world that have been involved in our past events and share our ideals. The following 3 privileges are limited to our community members, which distinguish them from people who are merely “interested in Bizjapan”. 1)You will be invited to our Bizjapan General Assembly held every quarter. The Bizjapan General Assembly is a social ball where administration members and community members alike gather, socialize and catch up about Bizjapan’s activities. Information about the General Assembly will be posted on the website. We look forward to seeing you at the General Assembly! 2)While the operations of the Bizjapan Summit are usually concentrated around the administration members, you will get the opportunity to participate as an operations manager during our events! More details will be posted on the BIzjapan group when we are recruiting people to be a part of our projects. 3)We welcome all suggestions and ideas from our community members! For example “It’ll be really interesting if Bizjapan did this!” or “I want to collaborate with Bizjapan for this project”. Anything is perfectly fine, and it doesn’t have to be in detail either! Please contact us at if you have any comments or proposals.

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