Bizjapan Changemakers Program 2016


2. Final Application (until November 13rd until Late November) : 50000 ~ 55000 JPY (around 500 ~ 550 USD)Student NOT living in Japan : 52500 JPY (around 535 USD)
*Students living in Japan : 40000 JPY
*NOTICE: This participation fee doesn’t include housing. If you need a place to stay during the program, you have to pay another 10000 JPY. (around 90USD)





**Those participants from China, Russia, philippines, India, Indonesia and so on will be required to apply for a visa.  





【Greeting from Project-leader】

Hi, I’m in charge of this program run by Bizjapan.
We have been preparing this program for a long time hoping many of you, the future global leaders, will participate in.
Don’t you want to make any changes around you and your community? Don’t you have any problems you want to try to solve? This program will improve you the skills of how to be a good global leader. Furthermore, you have the chance traveling around Japan and making friends with those people who might be your future business partners. Let’s make this winter very impressive meaningful together and become changemakers!!
I’m really looking forward to seeing you in Japan.

Yuho Sasamori

Freshman, the University of Tokyo


【The Message from The Fourth President】



This year has seen a great progress and change of Bizjapan.
We used to hold a Bizjapan Summit annually and meet a lot of talents from all over the world by the last year.
This February, we launched and organized new projects at the same time according to our interests and impact to the society. Projects to encourage people in local area to make a creative use of their area’s resources, to send delegates to oversea partners and to invite international students. All the members of Bizjapan gained different and essential experiences.
They were valuable opportunities for a personal growth of the member and are an invaluable chance for Bizjapan itself to make a progress drastically. Both newcomers and experienced members have gathered their viewpoints, ideas, efforts and experiences together into one single program.
That is Bizjapan Changemakers Program 2016.
We hope every participant will face and enjoy the program we put the best effort and time into and get a plenty of rich experiences and takeaways.

Fuzuki Nasuno

Sophomore, the University of tokyo


【The Messages from Each Team Leaders】

Mayu Shinohara 【Promotion Team Leader】
Hi, everyone! Thank you for visiting our website. We Bizjapan are preparing for "Bizjapan Changemakers Program" now, and I'm in charge of promoting it.
So, let me tell you some appeal points of our program. First, you can learn about Japan as it really is by visiting not only Tokyo but also a rural region.
Second, in the course of thinking about the problems that lie in Japanese rural areas, you will have a great opportunity to consider about the future of your countries.
Third, you can build a close relationship with future global leaders from multiple countries. I'm sure this program would be an inspiring and unforgettable experience for all the participants!
Misato Hatsugai 【Sub-contents Team Leader】
Hello, everyone. Thank you for having an interest in our program! I’m in charge of subcontents, planning culture exchange, ceremonies and sightseeing. Did you watch Japanese promotion movie in the closing ceremony of Rio Olympics? As expressed there, Japan has a great appeals like most advanced technology, pop cultures and traditional cultures. We’ll provide great opportunities for experiencing them. I’m sure you love Japan more after the program!
Why don’t you realize new, true image of Japan?
Kyoko Nakagami 【Partner Team Leader】
I’d been thinking that how could I change the world since I was young.
After entering Bizjapan, I started to realize that without peers, nobody could actually change even your world. Now I’m trying to change, not the world, but firstly my world, by making small steps with Bizjapan members. This, “Bizjapan Changemakers Program”, is one of our steps.
You have time. You have mentors. You have peers. You have this program.
Then, why don’t you change your world?
Takuno Nishimura 【Logistics Team Leader】
Hi everyone! I'm one of the organizing members of this program. So this year's theme is tech x local.. Are you not interested in regional areas? To be honest, neither was I. Growing up in Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles, I'm a city boy from the bottom of my heart. As I kept researching, however, I was astonished by the strong relationship between technology and rural economies. Drone for farming? AI for local marketing? Gosh, these are so exciting! Join us to explore the city of Tokyo and a rural area, and experience our "entrepreneurship mind." We're waiting for you!
Jun Ikeuchi 【Participants Team Leader】
Hi, I am a member of the participants' team. I will get in contact with you before coming to Japan, so feel free to ask me anything! Let's make an amazing conference and have great fun together!!Looking forward to seeing you in Japan!
Keiho Sasamori 【Main-Contents Team Leader】
Hi! I am a freshman of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. I'm interested in different countries and also in social problems that exist in Japan. I'm really looking forward to inviting you from other countries and discussing with you. Through this program, we will provide you some kinds of rare opportunity to deeply learn what Japan is like and also to understand what entrepreneurship is.
I hope our members and you will spend special days in December!
Hayaki Honda 【Finance Team Leader】
Hi, everyone! Welcome to Bizjapan Changemakers Program. I’m a member of managing this program.
What kind of person is a Changemaker? I think that is a person who initiates things, involves people, and has influence on society. In this program, you will get the opportunity to find the problems and resources that are important for the startup, and to think about the solutions.
Now, why not take a step to be a Changemaker?

You can learn about last Bizjapan Summit from HERE.

【Photos from Last Bizjapan Summit】