Bizjapan Summit2016

◆期間 : 2016年2月14日~2月22日
◆場所 : 東京(国立オリンピック記念青少年総合センター)
◆お申込期限: 2月9日
◆参加費: 15000円


◼︎Theme : the role of Social Business within Japan

◼︎Goal : to spark entrepreneurship




Through this summit we hope to give participants the opportunity to come to Japan and adopt a problem-finding mentality; that is, to not only be able to solve problems that already exist, but to be able to find problems where everyone else deems there to be none. Please let us know if you are interested or if you have any questions/concerns! Thank you.

【Greeting from Project-Leader】
What has brought you here, to this page?
Your passion? Your dream? Curiosity? Boring days? Anger?

Whatever the reason is, there’s no doubt that you’re the type of a person I really like, just like every Bizjapan member is.
We are a group of those crazy-awesome people, who get excited to see the unexpected and never give up in the time of failures;
And if you join us, I’m sure that our team will be more complete.

Right now, we are preparing for the “Bizjapan Summit 2016”.
Facing countless difficulties that challenge us to the limit, but feeling our horizon been broadened with new ideas.
It’s NOT an EASY process, but also an EXCITING one.

And this is, the very experience that I would like to share with you.
I’m already so excited to the Summit and I can’t wait to struggle, survive, and enjoy together with you.

You can never imagine how thrilled I am right now.
It’s a shame that I can’t share the grin on my face merely by these words. (and probably I’d better not…)

But then, why not experience that by YOURSELF?
Come join us at Bizjapan Summit, and I guarantee you’ll be filled with confidence, aspiration, and satisfaction.
I’m waiting for you with my awesome friends, here in Tokyo.

Freshman, the University of Tokyo (Law)


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【Photos from Previous Bizjapan Summit】